Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ah Yes, It's Aries! :D

Aries, a fire sign, is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is the baby of the zodiac, so it is understandable that Aries is like a baby that is born with only the desire for survival. That where the Aries "I" comes from: I want, I know, I have to, give me, me, me, and again me.

Aries are known for their ego and their big Desire to Receive. But at the same time Aries is a fire sign with an inner energy of water, being the Right Column of the fire signs, meaning he has good heart that reveals itself in important moments of life.

Mars, which rules Aries, is the planet of war. This is the reason Aries is so "glad" to fight. Aries like sports and has perseverance. He does not give up, he fights for his rights, but at the same time can be childish, naïve and refuse to grow old.

Aries is a sign of initiative, competition, and ambition to be the first and the best of all. They can be enthusiastic from at the beginning, but very bad at finishing what they start. They think fast, act impulsively and without restriction, because everything is about now.

It fits Aries to be the pioneer, the enterpriser, to dare and start things no one else dares. They excel as soldiers, officers, policeman, and in professions with physical power. As managers or inspectors, they are born leaders. Aries will volunteer for any special operation that requires courage, daring and resourcefulness; there is no such word as failure or falling in their vocabulary. They are very sure of themselves, and that is the reason they succeed.

Aries gets along with the fire and air signs, for business and marriage. It is not so easy for them to be with water and earth signs, and especially hard with Scorpio and Virgo.

The correction of Aries is self-control, not to be so impulsive, not to start what you cannot finish, not to jump to conclusions and say the first thing that comes to your head. Think twice, and about other people, not only what you can get from them, but what you have to give!

This Aries Shield is designed according to the Book of Creation [The main book of the Kabbalah]. It is meant to enhance the positive qualities, abilities and benefits if its sign, and to protect against negative influences. It helps its owner to achieve the correctional growth by providing focus and clarity and minimizing the negative aspects of the sign.

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