Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When The Love of The Ram Rules... >:)

Well, that's me!

Aries & Aries:
This couple must strive to stay focused on their priorities so they don't start so many activities that it becomes impossible to follow through on any of of them. Give-and-take isn't easy for Aries to achieve, but if they exercise maturity and are willingly to work on the relationship, this pair can be successful.

Aries & Taurus:
This relationship could turn into a rather explosive power struggle if the partners don't take a long time to understand one another's needs.

Aries & Gemini:
Motion and commotion will keep this easy-going relationship strong. If this couple finds creative ways to spend lots of time together, they'll have solid union.

Aries & Cancer:
Both of these people are self-starters, and they tend to see household tasks like budgeting and decorating the same way.

Aries & Leo:
Aries and Leo have a lot in common, in fact they might have so many of the same goals and desires that they find it hard to share. If the two are more mature [say, over 30], the relationship has a much better chance of working out.

Aries & Virgo:
Its hard for Aries and Virgo to see eye to eye. Despite there differences, Aries and virgo can still fall in love.

Aries & Libra:
This is the ultimate "Mars Loves Venus" Relationship.

Aries & Scorpio:
This match is exceedingly passionate, but probably not the easiest one to sustain over long-term.

Aries & Sagittarius:
This couple, should they decide to live together, shouldn't keep too much glass around the house! As long as they can sustain the foundation of their friendship a mutual desire to explore new horizons they will be very happy.

Aries & Capricorn:
This can be a good combination as long as the pair can each identify their partners strengths and allow their mate to do what they do best.

Aries & Aquarius:
Aries has to work hard to gain Aquarius respect. If there is alot of exchange between the two partners, the relationship can work, but if both remain set in their ways, there could be alot of fighting.

Aries & Pisces:
Although these two will have to work very hard at this relationship, it can turn out to be very rewarding.


  1. Aries & Libra: This is the ultimate "Mars Loves Venus" Relationship.

    wkwkwkwkwkwkwk.. simple! one sentence that describes everything.. bwhahahahahahhaa..

  2. hahahaa...
    what did u mean, dear brother?
    who's the mars and who's venus here?