Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Puja-Puji Diri Sendiri... B-)

Courageous and self-confident, with natural leadership qualities. They are the pioneers, willing to go where "no man has been before". They are happy to initiate projects with great enthusiasm, although they often leave it to others to maintain or finish! They can be headstrong [Aries rules the head] and direct, and often impatient when circumstances prevent or slow down the achievement of their desire...

Aries strengths are its energetic vitality, its youthful spirit and assertive enthusiasm, and its honesty and courage in taking on the most daunting of tasks, where nothing is impossible. This inexhaustible optimism rises up, in spite of fear, which often haunts Aries, thus it is to the incisive intellect that Aries moves to cut through the non-essentials in its quest for adventure and new experiences. Passion melds with the innovative mind in this bold, quick-thinking, maverick sign.

The weakness of Aries can be the extreme of too much activity where impulse and impatience thoughtlessly rush into experience without taking the consequences into account. Leaping, like the fool in haste, can create much destruction. The other major weakness is lack of sensitivity towards others due to a naive type of self-centeredness that just isn’t aware or considerate of the spoken or unspoken needs of those close by. The Aries one-track mind can miss the nuances and thus invite antagonism rather than cooperation.

When Aries evolves away from naive self-centeredness and truly allows idealism to guide rather than just instinct, the more refined qualities of the heroic emerges. Aries can champion causes like no other sign. Aries can lead people towards a higher ideal. The inspiration that an Aries type can bring to rally the group towards collective action can be awesome to behold.

Aries are incredibly creative once they leave behind the need to constantly change for stimulus sake. Craftsmanship becomes a joy and Aries can lead in all manner of artistic endeavors.

Aries rules the head, and it represents the melding of the feminine with the masculine as intelligence for right action and leadership. Perhaps this is also symbolic of the integration of the right brain [intuition] with the left brain [rational thought]. Aries is a fighter for high standards and principles and later a very wise ruler who patronizes the arts.

Fervent Aries has loads of vigor. Once Aries has an idea, he/she hardly ever hesitate to get into action and usually get where he/she wanted to go. But be careful! Aries often tend to overrate their own capacities to succeed. Generally, Aries have a simple approach of life and you will barely see an Aries simulating his/her feelings. They are straight-forward and consider that others have to take them as they are. Aries have a renowned capacity for hard work. Their immense energy directly comes from the influence of the Sun. Yet, they lack from a good practical sense and hardly know how to organize their own work.

Ruled by Mars, many Arians have a typical birthmark on their heads, faces, or bodies. If you are Aries, being your own boss makes life easier, but you can work happily in a “normal” job if your boss recognize your talents and let you express that amazing creative nature you have.

Aries have a natural aptitude or intelligence in one domain. Find that domain and you succeed even more than what you are expecting! Migraine headaches, and insect bites are your most likely physical complaints.

The Aries woman is frequently full of initiative, she is often caught in the middle of an activity, which cannot be delayed, or she is excited by the idea of starting something new.

Does Aries desire to get rich? Not really, but thanks to their will to be successful, many Aries will attain fortune. That’s not a surprise then to find many Aries as entrepreneurs.

Aries people are definitely persons to take risks and they want to win! This characteristic of their personality might get them in difficulty when money is concerned. And invariably, Aries will keep on living that way at any cost.

Aries doesn't focus on getting wealthy, since it's the adventure that matters, not the finality. Most of the time, they see money as just a mean to achieve what they want to do. And since Aries love new experiences, they are naturally thriftless. Don’t expect financial security from an Aries. That’s none of their business! Aries loves to spend and are the dream of any seller.

Should you loan money to Aries? Not if you look forward to be refunded quickly. The good side of this nature, however, is that Aries people are generous with their close friends.

Mentally Arians can grasp a subject quickly if they are interested, although concentration begins to wane if they are not inspired.

As with all the Fire signs they have natural life-giving warmth and an infectious positivity. On a Soul level Aries is learning the lesson of Love in action. By learning to think before doing, the Arian becomes conscious of the needs of others, and eventually learns to surrender self-will to the Will of Divine Spirit.

Aries can always lead the conversation into new and interesting paths, and are never at a loss to provide entertainment.

There are no half measures with an Aries. They are either right into a relationship or completely uninterested.

Aries are very affectionate people, in spite of the "me first" tendency.

Aries infatuations are quick and all-encompassing, and they love a chase.

An Aries love nature is well-developed, but their fire can burn out just as quickly as it's ignited.

Aries love nature is Mars-ruled, which gives energy, and a level of competitiveness, to your social and romantic nature.

Aries infuse excitement into their relationships and tend to get bored fairly easily.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. This sign, more than any other, needs to lead.

An Aries shouldn't be so concerned with what others think and want follow the path of there own desire.

Aries don’t consider the consequences of their words.

Aries are go-getters they set trends so others can follow.

An Aries woman has the capability to survive on her own in any circumstance.

So, if you come across a very confident, vigorous, masculine woman, know that you have met a typical Aries woman.

Aries are really the best people to spend or live your life with!

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