Friday, October 29, 2010

too busy! ;)

A relaxing song, indeed.
Maybe because I'm too busy!
Yeah, just like this song says: "I was too busy staring at you..."
Since I haven't met you yet,
it's only your picts I've been busy staring at! :p

Title: "Pop Art Blue"
Artist: Zero 7
Album: Yeah Ghost

Yeah we are running and how we are running
Across the hills in the pop art blue
Buzzers fly above the car
Circling us as if they knew

If I falter, if I falter
Darling will you reel me in?
If I lose it, if I lose it
Will you remind me where we've been?

So we were climbing and how we were climbing
The cartoon trees up to the sky
As the sun drops off the page
Goldy flew into my eye

Well it's all up from here.
It's like I can taste opportunity near.
I cut myself on barbwire, getting wood for the fire
I was too busy staring at you...

So then we were floating up,

we were floating like particles into the night
High above the factories
We hitched a lift on a satellite

Lover, will you spin me round?
May we never fall back to ground

Back to **
[Repeat until fade]

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