Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thurs-date Before Christmas :D

Yep, I had a date last Thursday on December 23rd,
just two days prior to Christmas! :D

The cute popcorn packaging!!! :D

He prepared everything well.
After fetching me up at the campus, we watched "Buried".
Even he bought us popcorn and beverages!
Such an awesome one-man-show low budget movie it is!
A must watch! ;)

Finished watching, he bought us Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki,
and we chatted 'bout lots of things while munching 'em :)
The late night snacking continued
when he randomly brought me to a tent-cafe,
famous for its bandrek.
He ordered bandrek and I got myself bajigur.
We also had some fried-finger foods [tofu, jackfruit, cireng]
He expected to enjoy fried pineapple,
but unfortunately the stock was no longer available.
How would it taste anyway? Fried pineapple! Geez...

It was perhaps over midnight
when he took me home safely.

Thank you so very much, Baby-G! :D
You successfully made Thursday night not spooky at all!

And the day after the date, right on Christmas eve,
he gave me a pouch of that famous AROMA Coffee!!!
Whoaaa!!! It's a Mokka Arabika one, and I really love
how the scent pleasantly fills my bag! :D

The famous AROMA coffee :)

Again, thanks a lot for everything, Bellissima!
You're beautiful inside and out! ;)

Monday, December 27, 2010

fucking fact! ;)

mind-ologue #4

it never feels good for me to hear the word "frenemy".
and i've never ever had any intentions to make you one.
but look, you made us seem as if we're enemies!

it was you who made random friendship with me.
yet you were the one who eventually ended it up.
that's weird, you know...

i do respect you, in fact.
regarding the sharpness of your brain,
your expertise in spitting what's in your mind,
and your wittiness in responding me indirectly!

i really wish i could learn more from you.
i even had the thought of considering you as a brother.
mainly because we have one thing in common.

yep. i mostly do respect fellow Arians,
for i know there's usually something in our heads,
that keeps on thrusting from the inside, rushing to explode!
and the challenge is that we have to blow it
in the most appropriate way.

somehow, i assumed i probably got your aces.
a result of my curiosity that might rouse your shield.
standard defense mechanism, eh?

still, i don't like the word "frenemy".
can't we be just friends?

mind-ologue #3

wish-list number one!
that's what you are... :D

you're the only guy whom i think is literally and visibly perfect!
some people say that imperfection is perfect,
and therefore you're imperfect because you're simply perfect!
mind my words.

beauty, brain, behavior, and bucks!
and i don't thing you need anything else to enjoy life.
how God was in a good mood when creating you!

my brother compares you to a posh car.
it's surely a metaphorical analogy.
yea... posh car.
everybody wants it,
yet only those who can afford its high-maintenance that can have it.

i'm fully aware of that, of course.
but i find it hard to displace you from wish-list number one.
no, it's no big deal for my sanity, though...
for i merely take it as fun!

still i need to displace you, no matter what.
so, please, dude...
tell me just one significant unflattering fact,
that could immediately ruin my impression of you.

i'm deeply sorry for having to do this.
keep on doing your noble duty, dude!
God's with you...

mind-ologue #2

and here goes the mystery guy...

you're kinda cute, you know that?
people say good stuffs about you!
even none of 'em think you're bad!
flawless, that is.

seems like you're everybody's sweetheart,
although i don't really know you.

but however,
i can't manage to keep the road closed any longer...
even if you're an angelic attaché of God.
it's just unfair to all of us.

yeah, the traffic lights will eventually turn green from red.
even if there won't be any other passers.
so, speed up a li'l bit if you wanna catch up!

thank you for brimming my inbox, dude!
i think i have given you enough time...
and i need to see the realm of you.

keep on being so nice and real good, dude!
God bless you.

mind-ologue #1

you know what, there's something i just don't feel right about you...
i dunno what it actually is,
yet i merely perceive that you're prone to... ummm... sarcasticism? or sort of it?
[maybe this rings a bell: highly intelligent, "you" also possess a clever, sarcastic sense of humor that shows an awareness of yourself and others]

well, whatever...
i'm just observing.
and since i'm only human, i might be wrong.
this time i really hope i'm wrong,
although my instinct is usually right...

meanwhile, keep going on the right track.
thank you for making me fascinated to observe you.
you're a good dude with good deeds!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a day for my mother

my mother has always made my life a LIVENTURE,
where i naturally learn to survive from almost everything
without causing any physical nor mental damages to me and to my surroundings.
just as Nietzsche said, "things that don't kill you, make you stronger!".

and the quest apparently proves that i love her no matter what.

well, mom... today is yours!
happy mother's day,
thanks for all, and keep rawkin'!

me, mom, and my [younger] sister :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


gue rasa beliau adalah jelmaan malaikat...

dan bisa dibilang gue adalah residivis yang berulang kali melakukan "kejahatan kambuhan". tapi bukannya marah-marah nggak karuan, beliau justru semakin baik. kan jadi gue yang malah makin ngerasa bersalah. nah, tadi itu gue mencapai titik di mana rasa bersalah itu paling dalem. jlebbb banget dah pokoknya...

ya, beliau memperjuangkan kesempatan terakhir buat gue untuk bisa lulus secepetnya, dan ikut sidang tunda.

kata beliau, secara institusional, hal ini nggak bener kar'na bisa menimbulkan preseden buruk pada dosen yang memperjuangkan nasib gue [yaitu beliau sebagai pembimbing dan senior beliau sebagai dosen wali]. tapi kata beliau lagi, ada faktor-faktor subjektif dan emosional yang mendorong beliau untuk ngebantu gue.

makanya, tadi beliau bilang bahwa beliau mempertaruhkan dirinya [baca: nama baiknya yang wangi bener itu sebagai dosen paling favorit dan ciamik], untuk menjamin bahwa gue akan lulus dengan baik dan nggak keteteran lagi...

beliau bilang:
"bukan apa-apa, hega... soalnya saya kan juga punya anak. sebagai orang tua juga saya pasti nggak mau kalo anak saya gagal."


terus kalimat beliau yg paling dasyat:
"setidaknya anda selesaikan aja dulu fase ini lah, ya. masa anda nggak mau liat ibu anda seneng?"

kena banget kata-katanya.

langsung gue mau "pecah" dan dengan SANGAT pengertian, beliau "ngusir" gue keluar...
nangislah gue sebanjir-banjirnya,
kagak brenti-brenti ampe mata bengkak...

beliau nggak marah. cuma... apa ya... gemes gitu. saking bandel-nya gue. dan tadi tatapan beliau tuh kayak yang prihatin gimanaaaaa, gitu... kayak pengen bilang, "tuh kan, makanya... mbok yang bener tho, naaaak..." tapi sambil tetep pengen "melindungi" gue sebagai tersangka...

tamparan paling keras justru dateng dari orang yang berhati paling lembut...
terima kasih banyak, pak!


let's kill the recidivist NOW!
so there'll be no chance to repeat the old mistakes...

don't grieve.
cheer up.

Monday, December 13, 2010

miss happening of misshapes!


perempuan keren yang adalah DJ-nya The Misshapes itu beneran dateng ke Jakarta Fashion Week di Pacific Place Mall November kemaren!!! front-row lah ya, pastinyaaa... huhuhu, sayangnya gue nggak bisa dateng ke show yang di atas jam 6 sore karena harus buru-buru cabut biar masih kedapetan bus yang menuju Bekasi... hiksss... [padahal di show siangnya tuh gue hampir selalu berhasil duduk di front row walopun tanpa tiket/undangan... heheheee... what a fashionable lucky bastard i was!] coba kalo gue bisa mantengin semua show seharian sampe malem, pasti gue bakal duduk sebelahan sama doi di front row!!!


pada tau lah yaaa kenapa gue nge-fans aja ama doi? :D
liat dong gayanya... SUPER COOL!
yeaaa, gue suka kalo bule-bule itu berambut hitam! :p

dazzling discodust

ahhh... yeah!!!
akhirnya, nemu juga satu soundscape seru yang super edgy dan groovy!

that's right, apalagi kalo bukan ramuan musik ciamik dari para joki plat?
hehehee... tenang, gue bukan penggemar aliran trance.
jadi musik yang ada di sini pastinya nggak akan bikin kuping lo capek.

enjoyable, edgy, and groovy, with a touch of old-skool sounds,
a real perfect mixture of vintage and urban style.
that's why i loooove DISCODUST!!!

nih, dengerin beberapa koleksinya...
[gue nggak tahan kalo nggak ngasih sample! hehehe...]

Vandroid - Master & Slave [Van She Tech Remix] by DISCODUST

Jump Jump Dance Dance - Modern Eyes [Bit Funk Remix] by DISCODUST

spread the fun, edgy heads!
the party is merely in our heart!


Ah, lagi-lagi lari.
Selalu begini.
Kapan mau berenti?

Eksitasi emang harus terus-menerus distimulasi.
Biar nggak keburu basi.
Soalnya kalo udah bosen dan mengalami stagnansi,
ya akibatnya gini... lari lagi dan lagi.

Tapi kalo nggak segera ditangani,
bebannya bakal numpuk semakin tinggi.
Dan ngelarinnya pasti setengah mati!

Gimana ini???
Datanglah wahai solusiiiii...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Four Foundations

Empat kualitas utama dan paling signifikan yang pengen gue capai, adalah:

1. Gaul.
Yang dimaksud dengan "gaul" adalah ketika otak bekerja kayak spons, yaitu menyerap SEMUA HAL SEBANYAK MUNGKIN dari luar diri kita. Apa pun itu.

2. Cerdas.
Yang dimaksud "cerdas" adalah ketika hati kemudian bekerja MEMILAH, MEMILIH, MENGANALISIS, dan MENYINTESIS semua hal yang telah diserap oleh otak. Ambil sarinya, buang ampasnya.

3. Peduli.
Yang dimaksud "peduli" adalah KESEDIAAN UNTUK BERBAGI, termasuk berbagi saripati dan esensi hasil "olahan" [sintesis, analisis, dan filtering] yang dilakukan oleh hati.

4. Humble.
Maksudnya ya ibarat padi, makin berisi makin merunduk.
Tetep santai, dan terus menikmati hidup.

Kalo keempat kualitas diri tersebut udah tercapai semuanya, otomatis kata "KEREN!" akan muncul dengan sendirinya di jidat kita.

Pasar Perempuan

Errrrr... bukaaan,
maksud gue bukan pasar tempat para perempuan dijual ato berjualan...
tapi justru perempuan lah yang menjadi segmentasi pasar dari berbagai komoditi yang dijual.

Jangan heran,
jumlah populasi perempuan yang lebih banyak dibanding laki-laki membuat banyak pihak berlomba-lomba memanfaatkan peluang yang ada. Mulai dari komoditi yang emang bener-bener fungsional, sampe yang "diada-ada'in" fungsinya, hampir semua ditujukan untuk kaum perempuan.

Kosmetik, fashion, perabotan, sinetron, infotainmen, produk susu, produk makanan, pelangsing, media cetak [buku, majalah, tabloid], siaran radio, spa, salon, yoga & pilates, perhiasan & aksesoris, produk jamu, produk untuk anak/bayi, motor, produk kewanitaan, sabun, sampo, deterjen, produk elektronik, dll, adalah contoh-contoh komoditi yang segmen utamanya kaum perempuan.

Terkesan konsumtif, ya... walopun sebenernya BUKAN cuma perempuan doang yang doyan belanja.
Tapi emang harus diakui, bahwa kehidupan perempuan itu jauh lebih menarik.

Nah, makanya jadi perempuan tuh HARUS CERDAS!
Jangan gampang kemakan iklan ato tergoda tampilan visual.
Pilih produk yang betul-betul sesuai kebutuhan.
Pokoknya, jangan kalah cerdas sama produsen dan jangan mau dibodohin!

Enjoy life brilliantly, ladies!


Gue baru tau, ternyata panjang-pendeknya umur tuh bersifat keturunan [genetis], ya?
Dan ternyata, keluarga dari pihak bokap gue tuh umurnya relatif pendek!
[Bokap gue meninggal sebelom genap berumur 54 taun].

Well... gue sendiri sih ngerasa akan "game over" sekitar umur 50-60 taun
[jadi perkiraan kisarannya adalah di umur 45-60 taun].
Kemungkinan besar sih karena penyakit laten, yang keknya nggak gue sadari sejak awal.
Soalnya bokap gue dinyatakan meninggal akibat serangan jantung [koroner],
padahal selama ini beliau tampak sehat-sehat aja.

Hmmm... Oke.
Berarti harus mulai bikin planning.

Gue harus udah settled [mapan] secara finansial dan karir+wirausaha di umur 30.
Jadi ntar sekitar umur 45 tuh gue udah ngerasain keliling dunia,
bertualang di alam bebas,
nyobain semua makanan terlezat di dunia,
berhasil menjalani berbagai profesi yang gue pengen,
punya perusahaan desain+publishing sendiri,
koleksi buku lengkap di perpustakaan pribadi,
pernah nyetir pesawat/helikopter,
punya Jeep Cherokee,
punya rumah di Bandung [kalo bisa yang di Jln. Cipaganti No.54],
dan terbang ke luar angkasa! Hahaa... :D

[Yeah, emang sejak bocah gue pengen jadi astronot... hehehee...]

Untuk sementara, gue akan berusaha memperbaiki pola makan dan pola hidup.
Termasuk mulai mengurangi konsumsi kopi dan mulai olah raga secara teratur.
Trims banget lho buat yang sering ngingetin gue
untuk nggak begadang dan selalu jaga kesehatan... :D

Dan pastinya mulai nyicil "nabung" buat ke surga...

Friday, December 3, 2010

hextudio - logo

whaddaya guys think?
which one is the best logo for hextudio?


the dynamic "O" at the very right side of the new logo may vary in colors and motif, depends on the theme of the projects we're currently working on or recent issues.

meanwhile, other letters are in basic black, white, or gray, depending on the surface color of where the logo is being placed.

thank you for voting, edgy people!

adventurous set :p

i love adventure,
and i love style!

so, here are some stuff that i'm dying to have,
since they could pamper my adventurous side while keeping me perfectly stylish! ;)

Longchamp Le Pliage Bag in tire-print by Jeremy Scott

Tire-track Embossed Metal Notepad with Silver Pen

and of course, my MOST beloved soon-to-be Jeep Cherokee and tire-shaped wedding ring :)

alphabetical table design

alphabetical table design by hextudio [my design studio] is a simple-yet-stylish kind of table which suits any minimalist room.

the material for its construction is basically wood, but you can always use cheaper manufactured board like MDF [Medium Density Fiber-board] or used-plywood.

as for the finishing, it uses colored HPL [High-Pressured Laminate] in a mass fabrication or you can simply paint it with duco paint and wall paint [for a matte look] if you decide to hand-made them yourself.

the color of the table are ONLY charcoal and white [which is optional] but the letters-shaped table stand colors are totally customized.

i prefer Ralston Paint for vivid colors and Dulux Paint for sheer shades.

after all, this is my christmas present for everyone.
merry christmas and happy new year, edgy people!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

opt for the top

sobat gue:
"gua merasa taik karna gua harus memilih..."

"berbahagialah orang yang dipilih tanpa harus memilih..."
*lebih taik*

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

december to remember

I actually love December,
but it's always the busiest month of the year!
Masa UAS [dan sidang] kejar-kejaran ama Natal?

Dear Lord,
please gimme back my December to remember...

declaration of LOVE ;)

no matter how HARD i've always been fighting with it...
i finally have to say that i'm in love with...


still, fashion is my passion...
and visual designs as well as illustration are beyond comparison...
yet interior design basically has the same principle,
just like fashion, visual designs, and illustrations.
i simply didn't realize it ;)

it turns out to me that technical drawings are equal to pattern makings,
and room decorating is just as fun as accessorizing!
furthermore, site measuring is simply like body measuring
to assure that our design fits the clients' physical needs perfectly,
while space organizing and analyzing are technically much the same
as mix-'n-match and body-shape analyzing!

it's also like choosing or creating the right typeface [font type]
in order to deliver its message sensibly in visual design.
product designers call it: semiotic,
which is a non-verbal semantic translation of their designs :)

eventually, material hunting is inevitable in ANY designing process.
all fashion, product, interior, and visual designers do so.

the only thing that differs them is the final presentation.
fashion show on the runway, exhibition in a gallery,
special section in a museum, or even some public screenings.

but the best part is that:
ALL can be integrated brilliantly!
yes, art and design is indeed NONDETACHABLE ;)
and so are writing and photography
[which seem to be my genuine talent].

i give my deepest gratitude to Lord Almighty
for the chance of pursuing a higher education of design
in one of the best school in this country,
and especially to all my fellas who are NEVER tired
to slap my lazy ass and arrogant face over and over again...


lcd/plasma tv stand designs

three design alternatives for your monochromatic room.

i tried to tinker with triangles in the first and second alternatives,
since it's the smartest shape mathematically.
yet triangular shapes are less efficient if applied in interior and architectural designs.
still an edgy shape it is, though ;)

one last alternative is dedicated to all the retro-chicks!
the curvy shape at the corner edges will blend well with 50's style refrigerator by SMEG which i loooove so much! >.<