Friday, December 3, 2010

alphabetical table design

alphabetical table design by hextudio [my design studio] is a simple-yet-stylish kind of table which suits any minimalist room.

the material for its construction is basically wood, but you can always use cheaper manufactured board like MDF [Medium Density Fiber-board] or used-plywood.

as for the finishing, it uses colored HPL [High-Pressured Laminate] in a mass fabrication or you can simply paint it with duco paint and wall paint [for a matte look] if you decide to hand-made them yourself.

the color of the table are ONLY charcoal and white [which is optional] but the letters-shaped table stand colors are totally customized.

i prefer Ralston Paint for vivid colors and Dulux Paint for sheer shades.

after all, this is my christmas present for everyone.
merry christmas and happy new year, edgy people!

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