Wednesday, December 1, 2010

declaration of LOVE ;)

no matter how HARD i've always been fighting with it...
i finally have to say that i'm in love with...


still, fashion is my passion...
and visual designs as well as illustration are beyond comparison...
yet interior design basically has the same principle,
just like fashion, visual designs, and illustrations.
i simply didn't realize it ;)

it turns out to me that technical drawings are equal to pattern makings,
and room decorating is just as fun as accessorizing!
furthermore, site measuring is simply like body measuring
to assure that our design fits the clients' physical needs perfectly,
while space organizing and analyzing are technically much the same
as mix-'n-match and body-shape analyzing!

it's also like choosing or creating the right typeface [font type]
in order to deliver its message sensibly in visual design.
product designers call it: semiotic,
which is a non-verbal semantic translation of their designs :)

eventually, material hunting is inevitable in ANY designing process.
all fashion, product, interior, and visual designers do so.

the only thing that differs them is the final presentation.
fashion show on the runway, exhibition in a gallery,
special section in a museum, or even some public screenings.

but the best part is that:
ALL can be integrated brilliantly!
yes, art and design is indeed NONDETACHABLE ;)
and so are writing and photography
[which seem to be my genuine talent].

i give my deepest gratitude to Lord Almighty
for the chance of pursuing a higher education of design
in one of the best school in this country,
and especially to all my fellas who are NEVER tired
to slap my lazy ass and arrogant face over and over again...


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