Monday, December 27, 2010

mind-ologue #2

and here goes the mystery guy...

you're kinda cute, you know that?
people say good stuffs about you!
even none of 'em think you're bad!
flawless, that is.

seems like you're everybody's sweetheart,
although i don't really know you.

but however,
i can't manage to keep the road closed any longer...
even if you're an angelic attaché of God.
it's just unfair to all of us.

yeah, the traffic lights will eventually turn green from red.
even if there won't be any other passers.
so, speed up a li'l bit if you wanna catch up!

thank you for brimming my inbox, dude!
i think i have given you enough time...
and i need to see the realm of you.

keep on being so nice and real good, dude!
God bless you.

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