Monday, December 27, 2010

mind-ologue #3

wish-list number one!
that's what you are... :D

you're the only guy whom i think is literally and visibly perfect!
some people say that imperfection is perfect,
and therefore you're imperfect because you're simply perfect!
mind my words.

beauty, brain, behavior, and bucks!
and i don't thing you need anything else to enjoy life.
how God was in a good mood when creating you!

my brother compares you to a posh car.
it's surely a metaphorical analogy.
yea... posh car.
everybody wants it,
yet only those who can afford its high-maintenance that can have it.

i'm fully aware of that, of course.
but i find it hard to displace you from wish-list number one.
no, it's no big deal for my sanity, though...
for i merely take it as fun!

still i need to displace you, no matter what.
so, please, dude...
tell me just one significant unflattering fact,
that could immediately ruin my impression of you.

i'm deeply sorry for having to do this.
keep on doing your noble duty, dude!
God's with you...

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