Monday, December 27, 2010

mind-ologue #4

it never feels good for me to hear the word "frenemy".
and i've never ever had any intentions to make you one.
but look, you made us seem as if we're enemies!

it was you who made random friendship with me.
yet you were the one who eventually ended it up.
that's weird, you know...

i do respect you, in fact.
regarding the sharpness of your brain,
your expertise in spitting what's in your mind,
and your wittiness in responding me indirectly!

i really wish i could learn more from you.
i even had the thought of considering you as a brother.
mainly because we have one thing in common.

yep. i mostly do respect fellow Arians,
for i know there's usually something in our heads,
that keeps on thrusting from the inside, rushing to explode!
and the challenge is that we have to blow it
in the most appropriate way.

somehow, i assumed i probably got your aces.
a result of my curiosity that might rouse your shield.
standard defense mechanism, eh?

still, i don't like the word "frenemy".
can't we be just friends?

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