Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thurs-date Before Christmas :D

Yep, I had a date last Thursday on December 23rd,
just two days prior to Christmas! :D

The cute popcorn packaging!!! :D

He prepared everything well.
After fetching me up at the campus, we watched "Buried".
Even he bought us popcorn and beverages!
Such an awesome one-man-show low budget movie it is!
A must watch! ;)

Finished watching, he bought us Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki,
and we chatted 'bout lots of things while munching 'em :)
The late night snacking continued
when he randomly brought me to a tent-cafe,
famous for its bandrek.
He ordered bandrek and I got myself bajigur.
We also had some fried-finger foods [tofu, jackfruit, cireng]
He expected to enjoy fried pineapple,
but unfortunately the stock was no longer available.
How would it taste anyway? Fried pineapple! Geez...

It was perhaps over midnight
when he took me home safely.

Thank you so very much, Baby-G! :D
You successfully made Thursday night not spooky at all!

And the day after the date, right on Christmas eve,
he gave me a pouch of that famous AROMA Coffee!!!
Whoaaa!!! It's a Mokka Arabika one, and I really love
how the scent pleasantly fills my bag! :D

The famous AROMA coffee :)

Again, thanks a lot for everything, Bellissima!
You're beautiful inside and out! ;)

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