Thursday, March 17, 2011


Semua punya tugas dan bagian sendiri-sendiri.
Dengan "jatah"-nya sendiri-sendiri.
Hingga terbentuk hubungan kausalitas antara satu sama lain.
Bahkan sering sampe ngebentuk sistem!

Efeknya beragam.
Ada yang domino, ada yang lingkaran setan.
Ada efek langsung, ada efek nggak langsung.

Begitulah suksesi.
Yang bisnis, bisnis...
yang pacaran, pacaran...
yang nyembah, nyembah...
yang ngebom, ngebom...
yang hura-hura, hura-hura...
Pokoknya, ja'ing menggonggong, orang-orang sibuk tetep berlalu!
Semua cuma berusaha menjalankan tugas dan bagiannya masing-masing.

Nah... pertanyaannya:
"Apa nih tugas ato bagian gue?"

Silent Shout

Well, well, well...
who's the coward now?
Is it you or me?
Hmmm... no matter who it is, I think we're all merely trying to stay out of trouble, 'aight?

Fine, then.
I think I've been doing my best, so far.
What else can I say?
Happy staying in your shell of comfort zone, FakeJake!

And oh... I'm deeply sorry for making you hate me.
That's the only thing, which I like the least yet I've gotta do to make you REACT!
Even if hating me is your reaction, I'm content 'cause I've finally reached my goal.

May God bless us.

And finally, you texted me!
Seems like you're the winner, eh?
Thank you for not hating me ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

the feet feast! ;)

true beauty

the sleeping beauty or the dead beauty?
not much of a difference, 'aight?
better not being physical, baby!
i don't care if your hair is straight or curly...
a good heart is the true beauty.

artwork by irana douer,
for jon hopkins' remix of headless heroes' track.

delightful distraction

keep your head busy, baby!
it will distract you from realizing that your heart is actually empty.