Tuesday, April 5, 2011

postcard from twitter-heaven

Can I send you one of my collage postcard? :d
WHOA, SURE! It's an honor, Mbak! Thanks a bunch :D
We've never met before and we haven't even known each other directly!
It was all started when I'm interested in the vacancy she was posted in her Twitter as a graphic designer for a men's magazine :) Seems like I've heard her name before, when she was mentioned by @LeboYe related to her magnificent handmade paperworks portfolio! So I browsed her sites [blogs and etsy] and found that I'm a huge fan of her works! And just then, she send me a postcard of her great collage works! WHOAAAA... >.< Thank you so much, Mbak... This is truly an honor!


or some other day.
until the day you die.

that's only if you're not smart enough to realize that you're loved EVERYDAY!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

the night sunshine

yes, you fill me with sunshine...
although we mostly meet at night :)
even in the supposed-to-be spookiest nite of all!
such a cute illustration by freya

enjoying life is...

eating healthily,
drinking joyfully,
singing unashamedly,
dancing with abandon,
laughing freely,
loving generously,
and living without regrets!

illustration by freya

crystal clear

you teach me 'bout honesty by being an honest person yourself! :)
thank you, dear you... ;-*