Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mellow mantra

i am hypnotized when i see your grace,
but i need to keep the distance...

that's perhaps what i'll repeatedly whisper
when i see someone so stunning.
why wouldn't i simply tell that person?

maybe i don't wanna cause any probs.

but in fact...
maybe i'm a chicken who never have guts to do so,
and afraid of being... discarded?
haha, poor me!

   "Chocolate Distance" by Karuan feat. Metin Yilmaz Kendal via antevs

Random Shoots #2 - Perth 2007

This is my MOST favorite picture I've taken during my short visit to Perth!!

Di pelabuhan,
ada cruiseboat,
ada tonggak bertali untuk menambatkan kapal
[sering ada di majalah Donal Bebek, kalo setting tempatnya adalah pelabuhan],
ada kursi taman,
langitnya bersih, cerah, bagus, dan passs banget,
dan ada sepasang ibu dan bapak, dua-duanya gendut, and you know what, mereka nggak saling kenal!!
Cuma sama-sama nunggu boat yang mau ke Fremantle aja...

Sebenernya ada burung camar dan lumba-lumba.
Tapi nunggu keduanya muncul barengan ternyata lamaaa banget... untung-untungan gitu, deh...
Akhirnya gue capture scene ini, kar'na kapal gue udah keburu dateng... Takut ketinggalan...


This is AWESOME!!
Look at the sky's color gradation!!
It's on the Swan River that I took this picture from my boat,
on my way back to the city of Perth from Fremantle.

This is also when the sun set on Swan River, from the boat.

Welcome to the Perth's City, Baby...
[just got back from Fremantle]

"Random Shoots" is for anything I shot anywhere, anytime, using any cams I got.
Recently I use the cam on my phone, since it's the only one I have :p
Yet perhaps in some other moments, I used digital cam which I borrowed from besties.

pragmatically practical

i've always been a pragmatically practical kind of person.
~ i stick with my current mobile number since the very first time i bought my cell.
   never want to change it, neither want to add for more.
~ i don't like having more than only one account of self-publishing site
   [and i choose blogspot for its simplicity and flexibility].
~ i never touch my friendster account anymore as soon as i'm on facebook.
~ instead of using myspace, i go for soundcloud.
~ i think vimeo is a lot better than youtube.
~ and since i use a smartphone,
    i don't think it's necessary for me to buy separated camera and music player.
~ i prefer trousers and t-shirts more than any other outfits in the world.
~ i own a tropical black long coat/blazer that could turn any casual look into a formal one in a flash.
~ i wear a pair of goldy-brown plastic flat-shoes that fit into any occasions,
   and works like magic especially when it's raining outside.
~ i'm a fetish of large-sized bags which plain and neutral colors are flexibly wearable,
   and which spacious compartments are indeed functional [so i don't have to use extra bags].
~ i'm also a fetish of unique rings [yet i prefer the simple ones without any blings],
   since they could instantly boost some stylish accent to my flat casual look :p

oh, and i still think that smile is the best make-up anyone could apply on their bare face!
so... cheers!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Shoots #1

"Pasar Malam" at my housing complex in Bekasi.
That's where local kids get their cheap night-fiesta.

A live jazz performance by "Yakou Tribe" [a jazz band from Germany] at Bumi Sangkuriang, Bandung.
The event was held by Goethe Institute.
Live jazz performance like this, is just one of many other things that I love the most from the Paris-of-Java!

"I wanna fly free up high to the sky,
so that I don't have to be trapped here
in the middle of Jakarta's terrible traffic jam!!!"
that's perhaps what the "Monumen Dirgantara" screams silently...

It's a statue right at the junction of Pancoran,
which depicts the movement of the almost-flying Gatotkaca.

good gent

 it feels good, comforting, and calming,
when there's someone being a gentleman around.

well, it's usually me who's being a gentlewoman to everyone.
yet i really don't mind if someone else is in charge. hehehe...
i feel protected, safe, and...
it definitely makes me feel like i'm a real woman!


ngobrol serius dengan orang yang serius
nggak lantas mengakibatkan hubungan keduanya meningkat jadi lebih serius.
hehehee... :p