Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pragmatically practical

i've always been a pragmatically practical kind of person.
~ i stick with my current mobile number since the very first time i bought my cell.
   never want to change it, neither want to add for more.
~ i don't like having more than only one account of self-publishing site
   [and i choose blogspot for its simplicity and flexibility].
~ i never touch my friendster account anymore as soon as i'm on facebook.
~ instead of using myspace, i go for soundcloud.
~ i think vimeo is a lot better than youtube.
~ and since i use a smartphone,
    i don't think it's necessary for me to buy separated camera and music player.
~ i prefer trousers and t-shirts more than any other outfits in the world.
~ i own a tropical black long coat/blazer that could turn any casual look into a formal one in a flash.
~ i wear a pair of goldy-brown plastic flat-shoes that fit into any occasions,
   and works like magic especially when it's raining outside.
~ i'm a fetish of large-sized bags which plain and neutral colors are flexibly wearable,
   and which spacious compartments are indeed functional [so i don't have to use extra bags].
~ i'm also a fetish of unique rings [yet i prefer the simple ones without any blings],
   since they could instantly boost some stylish accent to my flat casual look :p

oh, and i still think that smile is the best make-up anyone could apply on their bare face!
so... cheers!

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