Monday, February 18, 2013


oh, well... so you're still with me
although i really don't wanna live with you.
yet apparently my guardians haven't been
able to knock you out.

this. is. bad.

the question of "how" pops like
a gazzillion times in my head.
of course it remains unanswered,
for it's impossible to track you down.
i'm very sure that i've never been
a good host, but why did you choose me?
i should've been the least possible candidate
to be invaded by you!

this. is. bad.

but now that we're together, there seems
to be no way out—no matter how much
i hate you or how often i curse you.
nothing can be significantly done to stop
your fuckin' invasion, unless my guardians
miraculously gain unexplainable strength
to fight you back.

this. is. bad.

all those "how" and "why" would neither end
nor solve anything. the fact that we've been
together for quite a while is something i have
to deal with. oh yes, that also means to accept
that there are plenty of lines blocked, even before
i try to pass through. pfff! you're a real bastard.
i never like it but you give me no choices, making
my life even harder!

this. is. bad.

after all, it's the death that we all have to prepare.
no matter how hard we struggle to live,
it will eventually end.

just don't get me there too fast,
would you? please.

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